• SEA MAX expertise in providing vessels in support activities for all kinds of offshore projects including:-
    • Crew Management
    • Vessel Management
    • Technical Management
    • Supply services
    • Safety Standby Services
    • Rig Move Operations
    • Survey Operations
    • Drilling Support Services
    • Towing & Anchor Handling
    • Shallow Draft towing tugs
    • Shallow water anchor handling
    • Hydrographic survey
    • Survey chase boat support
    • Seismic Survey
    • Offshore Construction
    • Dredge support
    • Pipe Lay barge construction support
    • Rig Offloading & Loading operations
    • Tanker Loading Operations
    • Air Diving
    • Sat Diving
    • ROV operations
    • Offshore Accommodation
    • Work boats
    • Utility support vessels
    • Crew Boat Services
    • Maintenance Support Services
    • Landing Crafts
    • DP 1 & DP-2 support vessels
    • General Inspection and survey of vessels
    • On / Off Hire Survey
    • Other Services - UT Gauging
    • Other Services - Salvage
  • New Construction

    SEA MAX is able to provide up-to-date availability of berths in the ASIA markets for new construction of ships and offshore vessels and provide competitive prices and terms for our clients.

  • Ship Repair Services

    Apart from above SEA MAX also provide ship repair services / modification / installation repainting work to our customer within Dubai, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ajman and Oman.

  • Sales and Purchase Brokerage

    We appreciate your interest in our company. Sea Max is a UAE based marine service provider to provide its best services as an active brokers and consultants in the maritime environment.

  • Marine Claims Consultancy

    Sea Max has dedicated and experienced staff with sound local knowledge in providing vessel owners with guidance and assistance following an incident and can manage claims in order to minimize Principal’s financial exposure.

    We are available for consultation and to provide assistance from the beginning of an incident. We help Clients in processing the claim documents required for defending claims or for pursuing recoveries. These could be in respect of Cargo Shortage/Damage claims, Charter Party disputes, Collision claims, Personal accident related claims and Contractual Disputes. We will also provide detailed opinion on the merits of the claims.

    We can carry out investigations on issues that may lead to potential claims. This is important for Clients from a Risk Management perspective.

    Our services also include instructing surveyors and lawyers as necessary and monitoring their performance for the benefit of the Client.